Frontal Assault


After the resounding success of Operation Hammer of Justice Vol 1, Col Nububu, the PLAoSS commander tasked with capturing Anbaba, decided on pushing forward towards the town itself. The coastal road goes through the southern suburbs of Anaba to an important crossing where a road branches off that leads to the small naval base situated off the southern end of Anbaba harbour.

Here the DRS forces decided to make another stand, trying to block PLAoSS access to the central parts of the city. Col Nububu however decided to push through at all costs to open avenues for attacking both the town centre and the naval base.

PLAoSS objectives are trivially simple - oblitterate all opposition and open both roads to prepare for the final assault. The DRS forces have to hold at all costs, as every yard of  the coastal road yielded to the PLAoSS forces lessens the chance of a relief force fighting itself through to Anbaba.

Participating forces

The crossing is defended by a mix of PoFF and Army forces, with a Marines Plt on call as well as air support and a helo gunship.

 PLAoSS DRS Forces
 Force HQ - HQ, mortar, spotter, LMG team, AT team, AT technical
 Force HQ - HQ, LMG team, sniper
 ALA advisory team - HQ, 1, inf sqd, 3 BMP
 1 Army inf co (weak) - 1 Inf plt (HQ, 3 inf sqd (3 inf team, AT team)), 1 supp plt (HQ, 1 supp sqd (mortar, spotter), 1 eng sqd (2 eng team))
 ALA tank sec - 2 T-72 1 PoFF plt - HQ, 2 inf sqd (3 inf team), AT team, 60mm mortar, 1 radio jeep, 1 jeep (MG)
 5 inf plt - HQ, 3 inf sqd (3 inf team, AT team, LMG team), MG technical  1 Marines mech inf plt - HQ, 3 mech inf sqd (1 inf team, 1 LMG team, 1 AT team, 1 M113), M 113
 3 tank sec - 3 T-55, 2 T-55, 2 T-34  1 Marines jeep AT sec - 2 RR jeep
  1 Strike Element
  1 helo gunship

Again the DRS position is defendable, but the DRS forces are numerically at a serious disadvantage.


 PLAoSS DRS Forces

primary: control of the high ground beyond the road junction

secondary: elemination of as many enemy units as possible

note: losses among PLAoSS forces are expected and acceptable; losses among the ALA advisors should be avoided

primary: defence of the area beyond the junction

secondary: inflicting as much damage as possible

note: defeat will invariably lead to a deterioation of the overall strategic situation

Special scenario rules

Reinforcements arrive on a 1, 2, 3 or 4 - 1 being the strike element, two the helo gunship, 3 the Marines plt, 4 the plt HQ. on 5 and 6, no reinforcements arrive.

The map


 Above we have the table in all its glory. On the upper left there is the coastal road leading towards the South. The road nearer to the camera goes down to the sea and to the naval base, the other one to the town centre of Anbaba. The built-up area to the right is slightly higher than the rest of the map. PLAoSS forces enter on the left side of the map.


 Initial dispositions of various DRS forces.


The triangular house complex on the right hand side was manned by PoFF forces ...


 ... as can be seen in the picture above.


 View from the upper storeys of the buildings controlled by the army across the table.


 View into the triangular builcing complex.


 DRS forces - operational reserve ...


... and AT jeeps.


 PLAoSS infantry enters the map ...


... while the suburb is as yet quiet and peaceful.


 Some more impressions of the DRS positions ...


... and another shot of the operational reserve.


 PoFF soldiers guarding the road towards the naval base.


 PLAoSS Force command entering the map ...


 ... and a detail shot of Col Nububu's command group.


Col Nububu climbed onto his EUCV (Endsieg Urban Combat Vehicle), and this is what he saw.


 More PLAoSS troops entering the map ...


... preparing for the first frontal assault.


Even more PLAoSSniks entering the map.


Hmmm, all still quiet?


 Here they come! The first part of the assault, a whole platoon being hauled against the PoFF forces.

 Unfortunately, these chaps had to run straight into whithering crossfire.


 The two-pronged assault. One platoon attacking the PoFF forces on the right hand side while the other one trying to enter the triangular building complex on the left hand side.


At the same time tanks appeared on the scene.


The attack on the road towards the town centre was fairly successful ...

 ... while the platoon attacking the PoFF positions beside the road towards the naval base was cut down.


 Of the approaching T-55, one fell victim to a RR jeep ...


... which didn't survive the return fire.


More tanks arriving on the scene ...


... moving forward and taking control of the roards towards the naval base and the centre of the city.


 The situtation was rapidly deteriorating for the DRS forces, as the number of AT assets available was going down rapidly.


Even more PLAoSS tanks arriving.


Finally, the Marines arrived on the scene, adding sorely needed AT assets to the DRS forces.


The Marines tried to reinforce the positions ...


 ... and managed to kill another tank, thus successfully blocking the road.


 With the PLAoSS tanks happily milling around the triangular building complex, the DRS commander called for air support. In swept the jet ...


... and missed! A PoFF sqd and the better part of two PLAoSS inf sqds got a nasty Napalm treatment, but the tanks were unscathed. Rats!


PLAoSS was now preparing for the final push ...


... when a Marines AT team managed to knock out another tank.


The final assault against the main DRS position.


The inf sqd trying to attack the PoFF positions from behind was cut down ...


... but on the other side of the road PLAoSSniks managed to gain control.


At that point, PLAoSS forces had managed to enter the ground floors of some of the buildings in the centre of the picture ...


 ... while the remaining tanks were moving up to support the infantry ...


... taking up positions to fire with abandon at everything inside the building complex.


This could well have been the end of the game, as the T-55s could pick out their targets and simply kill everything in sight - and they had a lot in sight ...


 ... while the T-34 covered much of the central area of the building complex.


Then "Airwolf" appeared - a Marines helo gunship, braving AA fire, that tried to scare the PLAoSSniks away.


It took aim at one of the T-55s ...


... and hit!


 While the other one evaded the Hydra rockets aimed at it ...


... another inf sqd was cut down by 40mm grenades fired by the helo.


 In the end however, AA fire scared the helo away, and the remaining T-55 (outside the picture to the right) killed the M 113s before PLAoSS infantry rushed into the building complex from the left. Hiding in the houses visible on the left hand side they took out the operational reserve and essentially prevented the remaining DRS forces from moving around freely.


One of the last actions was a DRS engineer team attacking the T-34 successfully with a flamethrower before succumbing to an infantry attack by PLAoSS forces.

Post mortem

Anoother major victory for Col Nububu and the PLAoSS, though losses particularly among the infantry were considerable - luckily (or unfortunately, depending on whom you'd fancy to side with), if there is one thing that PLAoSS has in abandandon it's AK-toting foot soldiers.

However, air support - and the Marines' gunship in particular - very nearly tipped the scales, which results in Col Nububu trying to intensify his efforts in getting air support of his own as well as decent protection for his troops.

Strategically, this victory laid open both the road towards Anbaba naval base and the town centre. DRS forces are still not in the best of moods, though resistance is stiffening, with the Marines offering a fairly good fight. PLAoSS is about to strangle Anbaba, but the city hasn't fallen as yet.

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