Checkpoint Three - July 2009


Having successfully captured Kernidad, Libyan forces pushed forward on the road towards Anbaba. DRS forces had prepared a number of checkpoints around Anbaba to serve as outposts and with the somewhat vain hope of actually slowing down Libyan/PLAoSS progress.


Fig 1: Ring of checkpoints around Anbaba and direction of Libyan attack

At all these checkpoints, small numbers of army units mostly without armoured support were stationed. It was checkpoint three that the Libyan force eventually turned up at, and everyone was prepared for a walkover. It did not turn out quite like that, though the Libyans did succeed in dislodging DRS forces from it.


Participating forces

Two sides were involved - a Libyan recce element with tank support and a small DRS army unit manning the checkpoint.

DRS Army element
mech inf plt - 3 mech inf sqd (1 rifle team, LMG team, RPG team, 1 BMP-1) inf plt - 2 sqd (3 inf team, AT team, 1 truck)
HQ sec - HQ, spotter, BRDM, BTR-60vehicle support - 1 M8 AC, 2 RR jeeps
Tank sec - 2 T-72


As is quite obvious from the figures above, the Libyans severly outmatched the DRS forces.


 Location and map

Basically there are two compounds, made up of houses 1 and 2 and 3-6 respectively. DRS forces occupy house 1 and houses 3-6 as well as having some personnel directly on the street - it's a checkpoint after all...

In the map above the Libyans will enter the area from the upper left corner.


The action

As the action was very straightforward, this is mostly a picture report of it.


 Oops, bad guys coming down the road...

 Libyan BRDM decides to move forward and do some reconnaissance, opening the action.


DRS folks in the RR jeep in the foreground frantically move into action, get off a shot, and surprise, surprise, actually manage to kill one of the T-72! DRS commander jubilant and proclaiming himself to be the moral winner of the engagement, whatever the eventual outcome.


 Another shot by the RR gun against the BRDM hits and produces an immobilised vehicle...


 ... which is then killed by the other RR jeep. Then however everyone lets loose against the poor jeeps, taking them out in no time. The M8 tries to move out of the compound but gets hammered by the T-72 which had moved into the left hand side of the map.


 BMPs proceeding to pour fire into the buildings with devastating effect ...


... something that the T-72 commander wants to do with his AAMG as well; unfortunately, he manages to get himself killed in the process


A daring DRS close assault leaves one of the BMP-1s in flames ...

... but to no avail. That was the last initiative for the DRS. Methodically, one house after the other is raked with gunfire by the Libyans.


 Finally the Libyans move into the compound.


Situation at the end of the day: everything under Libyan control.


Post mortem

Not quite the piece of cake we all expected. In fact, losing a T-72, a BMP and a BRDM plus the infantry embarked in the BMP was a hefty price to pay for taking out the meagre DRS forces. So in all, while it was another strategic victory on the road to the final battle for Anbaba, the Libyans will have to readjust their tactics as they can't afford to incur losses on that scale in every engagement.

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