Commando Libya


This small scenario marks the first appearance of the Libyan-backed Arab Army of Freedom (or AAF) forces in Soeliland. We created some special rules for the way mechanized infantry has to operate, which proved to be great fun - and making things rather tricky for the AAF commander.

The overall setup is simple - a platoon-sized DRS force wants to conduct a search and destroy mission in a small village somewhere in the Anbaba hinterland; a mechanized AAF platoon has similar ideas..Victory conditions are simple - throw your opponent out of the village.

Participating forces

Both sides have a mechanized infantry platoon, with the AAF having additional air support at its disposal.

1 Mech inf plt - HQ, 3 inf sqd, 3 M-113
 1 Mech inf plt - HQ, 3 mech inf sqd, 3 BMP-1
  1 Strike Element

The AAF's main advantage are the BMPs, which pack much more of a punch than the DRS' M113 (though one has a 106mm RR gun mounted).


The map

A very simple layout, really. A smallish village made up of a small number of compounds in the middle, AAF forces on the right, DRS on the left.

 AAF mechanized infantry platoon with three Bimps ready to roll; behind it the MiG-21 available to the AAF commander.
DRS moving into the village, the general idea being to occupy some of the houses in order to ambush the AAF Bimps.
DRS mechanized infantry...

... and the opposing force - AAF mechanized infantry with their Bimp.

As the AAF enters the village, one Bimpis taken out by a DRS bazooka team with a really, really skilful shot.

Closeup of the bazooka team; it turned out that this was the high point of the game for the DRS commander...

DRS infantry poking around a corner...
... blissfully unaware of the fact that a AAF squad is about to enter one of the houses ...

... about to unleash a whithering fire against the DRS infantrymen caught in the open without cover.

With the infanty threat neutralized, the Bimps move forward... 

... about to take on the M-113s.

That was not a good time to find out that the Bimp is bulletproof over the frontal ark, while its 73mm gun can ...

... do quite some damage to a M-113!
With no place to hide, the M-113s were taken out ...

... with the airstrike oblitterating the remnants of the DRS infantry and those of the vehicle crews that made it to the targetted compound.
Post mortem


Well, a quick and funny game. It turned out that anyone trying to actually occupy something with AAF infantry will have quite some job at hand, but against infantry - as well as M-113s - the BMP-1s are quite effective. That will not be the last time the AAF turns up in Soelilandian affairs.


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