Shady deals - January 2010


The main purpose of this game was to playtest our infantry rules, which recently have seen a number of changes. Also, we wanted to test an ambush scenario.

The background to this scenario - explaining the somewhat strange title - is that the Libyans have been lured into thinking the DRS minister of interior affairs is plotting against the president and allowing a Libyan/PLAoSS force access to Anbaba via a little known by-way. Unknown to the Libyans, the minister actually never planned to side with the Libyans; instead, he wants to use the potential success of ambushing the enemy forces as a bargaining chip to get more equipment for the PoFF forces.

Participating forces

The two sides were rather dissimilar - on the one hand a small Libyan armoured column with some PLAoSS support, on the other hand PoFF forces supported by army elements.

 Libyan armoured element
PLAoSS infantry element DRS PoFF element
DRS Army element
inf mech plt - 3 inf mech sqd (1 rifle team, LMG team, RPG team, 1 BMP-1)
inf plt 1 - 2 sqd (2 inf team, LMG team, RPG team)

HQ sec - HQ, 1 bazooka team, 1 light mortar team, 1 radio jeep

inf plt 1 - 2 sqd (3 inf team, AT team
HQ sec - HQ, 1 BRDM PoFF plt - HQ, 3 police inf sec (3 rifle team)
tank sec - 2 T-72

5 technical (HMG)

1 technical (RR)

1 technical (command)

2 HMG jeep, 1 LMG truck
 APC sec - 1 VAB/20, 1 VAB

The general idea was to create a situation in which the Libyan convoy is ambushed, with the PLAoSSniks then coming to the rescue.Objectives were pushing through for the Libyan/PLAoSS side and preventing that for the DRS forces.

 Location and map

The four pictures below give a general idea of the map which was L-shaped (and slightly too large for a single picture to capture it all):

The approaching Libyan convoy; BMPs in between two T-72, BRDM at front


 90-degree-turn in the road, the primary ambush position; PoFF forces in the small police station on the left

 DRS side of the village; DRS army VABs guarding the road


DRS positions high above the road


We made only a couple of pictures, so I'll give a quick rundown of the action, which in any case was pretty simple. The BRDM and one of the T-72 met their fate at the turn in the road, and while the Libyan forces didn't manage to actually get out of their vehicles, the PLAoSS infantry tried to capture the police post, but to no avail.


Burning T-72


 general overview over the action at roundabout the middle of the game


PLAoSS attempts to storm the police post


PLAoSS technicals on the road


Libyan forces already pulling back

BMP-1 burning in the distance


The Libyans twice tried to call in air support, but the fabled Su-25 somehow failed to hit anything at all


Post mortem

The game was good fun, most of the things working as planned. It would have been even better had the PLAoSS commander  decided to wait for the convoy to pass the turn in the road.

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