Training Day - January 2010


The main purpose of this game was to playtest a couple of minor additions to our infantry rules. Accordingly, the setup, as can be seen below, was pretty simple.

Participating forces

The two sides involved - PLAoSS and a combined DRS PoFF/DRS Army force - held positions inside the village where it all took place. PLAoSS had more infantry, the DRS a qualitative edge and armoured support

 PLAoSS Infantry
DRS PoFF element
DRS Army element
inf plt 1 - 2 inf sqd (3 rifle team, LMG team, RPG team)
PoFF element - 1 HQ sqd (1 HQ, 1 police inf team), 2 HMG jeep, 1 radio jeepinf plt 1 - 2 sqd (3 inf team, AT team
inf plt 2 - 2 inf sqd (3 rifle team, LMG team, light mortar team)
 inf plt 2 - 2 sqd (3 inf team, AT team)
HQ plt - 1 HQ sqd (HQ, 1 LMG team, 1 RPG team; 1 x 81mm mortar)  

 APC sec - 1 VAB/20, 1 VAB                                           

 4 technical (HMG)

 1 technical (RR)

 1 technical (command)



 Location and map

The village is made up of 7 buildings (2-8) and a larger open plot (1) on both sides of a dirty strip some people want to call street. DRS forces occupied houses 3-5 at the beginning, while PLAoSS forces held houses 2, 7 and 8; house 6 was left unoccupied.

Objectives were absurdely simple - push the opponent out of the village.

The action

The following battle report consists mostly of pictures, but the explanations should be enough to give a general idea about what happened. Let's start with some impressions of the set-up:


 DRS Army occupying house 3

 The village seen from the PLAoSS positions; DRS VABs in the distance


 PLAoSS in and around house 7


 DRS Army atop house 5


Then the first shots were fired - an RPG team on house 2 tried to take out one of the VABs and failed miserably - not even hitting the %$§& thing (PLAoSS commander still fuming the day after the action)....


 RPG nil, VAB 1...


 ... with predictable results: no RPG team on house 2 any more


 Seizing the initiative, the DRS commander planned on taking house 6, to use it as a springboard for moving further down the road, the plan being taking a squad from house 2 across the road into house 6, as can be seen below.


Unfortunately, house 8 had an LMG team on the roof, which hectically sprang into action (undoubtedly ears still ringing from the PLAoSS commander's screams at the utter, utter incompetence of the RPG team on house 2... still fuming...).


mischievous VAB/20 lurking...


LMG team nearly wipes out DRS squad that tries to cross the road


Now with the initiative on his side, the PLAoSS commander set his grand designs for throwing the DRS out of the village in motion. A squad was to assault house 6 and secure it for further operations.

Let's just say that plans that involve running straight into enemy fire usually achieve less than stellar results, but see for yourself.


 Already mauled by reactive fire the squad tries to throw a hand grenade into house 6 ...


... managing to kill 5 of their own in the process!


After another exchange of initiatives the PLAoSS commander decided in one of these  Blackadderesque moments in life to try exactly the same plan that had so utterly failed only an initiative ago. Well, throwing in the Platoon HQ must make the difference, mustn't it? 


Not really worthy further comment - let's just say the PLAoSS commander managed to get even more of his people killed to no avail.


A squad plus Platoon HQ - that surely will do it, won't it?


And indeed we manage to get to house 5 - wow. Problem: The DRS squad falls back behind the next wall ...

 ... only waiting for the PLAoSSniks to appear. It was more of an execution than a real firefight.


Well, another exchange of initiatives, and again the chance for the PLAoSS commander to do something. Guess what -  not house 5 again. Instead, gathering a platoon, a bold strike was aimed at the area behind house 4 where the overall DRS HQ was located. Lightning swift. Decapitation strike. Shock and Awe.


 Well, once the inspiring rhetoric had died down, the PLAoSS commander realized that there was a VAB outside house 3 covering the area between house 2 and house 3. So that had to go first, and another heroic RPG team fired at point blank range and managed to put a dent into the VAB's machine gun.

Oh well. Torn between executing those darn incompetent "$§% RPG teams and the original plan, the PLAoSS commander finally decided to let loose his horde.


 And here they are - PLAoSS assault platoon ...


... going over the wall ...

... and straight into the HMG jeep under the tree in the centre left of the picture above!


As the HMG jeep didn't manage to take down all of the PLAoSSniks, the army VAB went into action ...


 ... blasting away another handful of PLAoSSniks together with the PoFF jeep!


Hah! Eight men still alive and kicking!


 Ok, seven men alive and kicking, now entering close combat with the DRS HQ group!


 One DRS fellow down, two PLAoSSniks in flight! Arrrghhhhh!!


 Finally, the DRS HQ goes down. The two surviving PLAoSSniks raise their hands, jubilant - which is interpreted by the crew of the VAB/20 as the "hello, come and kill me" sign. The VAB/20 does as they wish... 


Post mortem

The game was tremendous fun and the rules worked well. Other than that - which was its main purpose - little else can really be said about it. The VAB 20mm proved to be a formidable enemy, much more formidable in fact than was thought by the PLAoSS commander.


Oh, who won? Well, although DRS forces left the village as they were under the impression that more PLAoSSniks were about to surge them, they did so in fairly good order, something that could not be said of the PLAoSS forces. So in all it was probably something like a marginal victory for the DRS.

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